Zinplex Junior Syrup

R 63.99

Zinplex Junior Syrup is an immune booster with Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin C. Zinc is an essential mineral which supports the immune function in children and supports the treatment of colds, flu, diarrhoea and skin related conditions.

Selenium and Vitamin C are powerful antioxidants, which help maintain overall health. It is a cream soda flavour and it is quinoline, paraben and tartrazine free. It is recommended by doctors and it is NAPPI coded for payment out of your savings plan from your medical aid.

Contains Sugar.

This product is NAPPI coded for your convenience.

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Children from:

  • 3-12 months: Take 2 ml daily
  • 1-3 years: Take 5 ml daily
  • 4-8 years: Take 10 ml daily
  • 9-12 years: Take 15 ml daily

Or as prescribed by a doctor or healthcare professional.


Zinc Picolinate
(Equivalent to 5mg Elemental Zinc)

24 mg

Selenium AAC 2%
(Equivalent to 10 µg elemental Selenium)

0.5 mg

Ascorbic acid 97 % (vitamin C)
(equivalent to 20 mg ascorbic acid)

20.6 mg

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