Zinplex Junior Multivite Syrup

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Ready, Steady, Grow!

Introducing Zinplex Junior Multivite Syrup, the long-awaited daily companion to support children's health and development. Packed with essential vitamins including Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D3, and the power of Zinc. This multifaceted syrup is designed to promote growth, development, and cognitive function.

Vitamin A assists with normal growth, maintains eyesight and night vision, and contributes to healthy skin. Vitamins B1 and B2 aid in nervous system function and energy metabolism, while B3 supports psychological well-being and reduces fatigue. Vitamin B6 aids in red blood cell formation, boosts immune function, and decreases tiredness and fatigue. Meanwhile, Vitamin B12 supports normal psychological function.

Vitamin C aids in wound healing and fortifies the immune system, while Vitamin D3 bolsters immunity and promotes healthy bones and teeth. Zinc, our trademark ingredient, plays a vital role in skin health, immune function, cognitive well-being, and overall health.

This powerful blend of vitamins and Zinc supports normal growth and development, cognitive function, and reduces tiredness and fatigue.

Enjoy the delicious orange flavour of Zinplex Junior Multivite Syrup, free from tartrazine.

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  • 1-3 years – 5 ml daily
  • 4-8 years – 7.5 ml daily
  • 9-12 years – 10 ml daily
Contains sugar, sweetener, and potassium sorbate. Halaal Certified.

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